About Us

Car Care II brings over 40 years experience of maintaining vehicles for Erie area owners. We are more than just a car wash …. we are vehicle appearance specialists. Sure, we’ll wash and wax your car. But more importantly, we will design and develop systems that will properly maintain the appearance of your vehicle. 

We offer services that will provide convenient, regularly scheduled maintenance and we will monitor the condition of your vehicle and offer advice and solutions in all matters having to do with preserving the appearance of your vehicle.

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In July 2001, Car Care II opened the new, state-of-the-art facility. No expense was spared to bring our customers the very best equipment the car care industry has to offer. From solid stainless steel equipment, to computer controlled applications, to temperature adjusted chemical mixing stations, to a system which provides hospital-grade rinse water, Car Care II was the first and only facility to invest the capital required to bring this technology to the Erie area.

Visit us today and see for yourself what makes Car Care II so different in the car care industry and why our customers will tell you 
If you car is not becoming to you, you should be coming to us.

Remember, our objective is not to wash and wax as many vehicles as we can, but to provide our customers with a process for the long term protection of their vehicle. THAT’S FAR DIFFERENT THAN JUST WASHING AND WAXING YOUR CAR!!!!

We make car care a science .... and it shows.

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