Basic Objective

The basic objective of our detailing service is to provide maximum protection and top quality appearance for the average car. Keeping a thin coat of wax on the paint at all times is vital to preserving your investment in your vehicle. Don’t confuse shine with protection. Shine alone is not indicative of a good wax job. That’s why many cars look old far before their time and lose their value.

To provide long lasting protection, the wax must bond or adhere to the paint. In order for the wax to bond, the paint must be cleaned, conditioned and free of all pollutants prior to waxing. The cleaning/conditioning is an extra step in the process but the end results are well worth the effort.

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Blue Ribbon Rejuvenating Wax

The Blue Ribbon Rejuvenating Wax is recommended for the majority of well-maintained vehicles.  The following procedures are included:

Cleaning & Conditioning of the Paint

Hand Waxing

Final Detailing

Interior Prep and Steam Clean

Restores the interior of the vehicle to as new as possible. The cleaning procedures include:

Other Detailing Services

These procedures are provided on a “quote only” basis and require inspection of the car to diagnose the problem and determine the technique required.

We make car care a science .... and it shows.

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