Why Car Care II

At Car Care II all of our knowledge, every bit of our effort, 100% of our resources are dedicated to one thing and one thing only. 
And that is …  To Help You Preserve And Protect The Appearance Of Your Vehicle.

Let’s face it, vehicles today have dramatically risen in cost from as little as 3 years ago to the point where a significant percentage of our income can be allocated to pay for these vehicles. It only makes good sense to protect our investment. Unless you plan to perform all your own maintenance, the hardest part is to find someone you can trust. Someone who will do things the way you would, if you had the time.

When it comes to car washing and detailing, NO ONE ELSE WILL DO, OTHER THAN CAR CARE II 

We have over 23 years of experience protecting and maintaining vehicles in the Erie Area. Our Detail Shop has an average tenure of 9 years, our car wash average is 3 years. Our employees are experienced. Our turnover rate is well below industry standards which means you’ll get to know the people who service your vehicle and chances are, they’ll be here the next time and the next time after that. 

It’s important to remember that our objective is to provide our customers with a process through detailing and car washing for the long term protection of their vehicle. THAT’S VERY MUCH DIFFERENT THAN JUST WASHING YOUR CAR!!!!

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We make car care a science .... and it shows.

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