Car Wash May Damage Bug Deflector; Mirror Update

The international Carwash Association (ICA) has received reports that Chrysler’s 2003 Dodge Ram has an optional chrome or body-colored bug deflector that can be damaged in carwashes. The bug deflector is mounted on the leading edge of the hood.

DaimlerChrysler has been alerted to the problem and is working on a resolution. In the meantime, the ICA suggests taking special care when washing a Dodge Ram with this option.

Last year, General Motors introduced a new three-post design for its 2003 model year Grand-Am’s outside rear view mirror. This design has caused incidents in some carwashes where the side wraps impact the mirror, causing damage to the stud or mount.

GM has implemented design changes for all 2004 models; invreasing the size and depth of the mounting boss and lengthening and attaching the screws. These design changes went into production in June 2003 for the 2004 model year Gramd Am.

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